Joce vs The World


Joce vs The World is a PvP gaming podcast focusing on tips for new players entering into any game that involves pitting yourself against other real people. Each episode, Joce will be joined by an expert in the game of choice, and will be shown how to navigate the first few matches of PvP combat!

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Joce vs The World - Rocket League

This week Joce is joined by Matt "PingPongPete" Kearney to talk Rocket League... Cont.

Joce vs The World - Overwatch

This week Joce is joined by Willie "Dills" Gregory to talk Overwatch. They play some games, then go over the maps, best heroes for new players, and counters for the ones you are most likely to see and be frustrated by when you head into Quick Play...

Joce vs The World has launched!

My latest project launched last night! Joce vs The World is a stream/podcast hybrid, where I choose a PvP game (anything where you are playing against real people) and invite a guest who is knowledgeable about the game to give some tips and tricks to a new player (me).  We stream 2-3 matches, and then do a podcast roundup of what we learned.  Cont...