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Mostly Car Stuff #4: Engine Envy

Mostly Car Stuff is back! Garrett took a vacation down to the Florida Keys and despite how unnecessary a car is for the small islands, he ended up taking a new Camaro convertible for a drive across the Seven Mile Bridge. Patrick meanwhile spent a good amount of time out in Las Vegas where apparently everyone drives a Challenger. The two went through multiple listener emails covering upgrading to your first RWD car, lusting after the faster version of the car you own, and what first intake and exhaust modifications to consider for a 5.0 Mustang.

Listen as two friends with wildly different levels of experience talk cars. Patrick is a WRX enthusiast, with his current project being a 2004 WRX and multiple Subarus in his past. Garrett however has just purchased his first manual car ever, a 2015 Mustang GT.

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