Ask DrmDestryr #16

Dear DrmDestryr,

Artifacts are in! What are your thoughts?



Dear ID4592,

Artifacts are definitely in! My thoughts? I think they are pretty darn cool.

In the character selection screen, you get to choose your 3 artifacts. My favorite is Wirt’s Leg not only because of the name but because of its increase to movement speed. Personally, I think it would do better in game so they can be chosen based on the opposing team’s composition, but it’s not that big of a detriment.

One of the best tactics for mana users I’ve seen is employing all of the mana regen artifacts. This then lets you put all of your talents toward damage instead of spending 2 or 3 on regeneration.

Aside from that, I have not noticed a huge difference in character powers. While it was hilarious to see a Demon Hunter stand at our palace and heal herself fully by shooting it while it shot her, she was still super squishy when cornered. If anything, the group fight shift has really turned into knowing who to kill first. This is definitely a much more advanced way of looking at the game and anyone that doesn’t know how to do this will not benefit their team, no matter how advanced the artifacts.





Rehgar is the new hotness. What’s he like?



Dear Shamtastic,

Rehgar is a shaman strictly designed for team support. The better you do, the better your team does, the better you do, and so on and so forth in an infinite loop. He is not meant to be played in a solo position as he is not a heavy damage dealer nor does he have the health necessary to too often go toe to toe with an assassin. The best place for ol’ Rehgar is with the tank and team in group fights.

Of his abilities, he is blessed with Chain Heal (a pain when fighting him and an assassin together), Lightening Shield and the incredibly shamanistic Earthbind Totem that slows enemy movement. While the shield is as effective as Tassadar’s, his chain heal is really where his power comes from because he keeps his team going – essential for really winning 5 on 5 battles.

At level 10, you get to choose between Bloodlust and Ancestral Healing. Bloodlust grants nearby heroes both attack and movement speed while Ancestral Healing heals a targeted ally. The choice really lies in your team comp versus the opponents, but I have found Bloodlust to be a much stronger choice especially for pushes. Illidan, hands down, is the best example of the power this heroic ability has on team ability. The trick, however, is always being with the majority of the team. Let damage dealers kite opponents and grab mercs. Like the tank, your place is with your group.



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