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The Angry Chicken is a podcast that cracks 40 packs, throws down a 1/1 chicken w/ a +5 Enrage, all the while keeping you up to date on everything going on in the world of Hearthstone .  Each week the latest news, strategies, crazy game stories and your emails are covered. Garrett Weinzierl (StarCast), William "Dills" Gregory (The Instance), and Jocelyn Moffett (The Gamers' Inn) together host The Angry Chicken.

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#197 - The Angry Chicken: “Smaller-Time Buccaneer”

The time for talk is over, the time for action is now on this week's Angry Chicken! The Hearthstone team announced some big changes for Ranked Play and a couple of the most aggravating cards. The TAC trio dive into the Spirit Claws and Small-Time Buccaneer nerfs, the Ranked "floors" being added, and the HCT preliminaries from the past weekend. The crew also covered Aggro Pirate Rogue (which you should get in your games with while you can) and took a few emails from the inbox. Cont...

#196 - The Angry Chicken: “Big Maybe News”

The onslaught of maybe-news for Hearthstone continues this week. Ben Brode confirms a patch is coming this month (but may not include balance changes), Iksar gave more specifics on what Team 5 is testing internally for Arena, the next Hearthstone expansion may have leaked and may be called the Lost Secrets of Un'Goro, Dills and Garrett break down Jade Shaman (which has no Pirates and no Troggs or Golems), and they round the show out with some emails and game stories. Cont...

#195 - The Angry Chicken: "Patron Hangout #25"

On this episode of The Angry Chicken we're taking call from our Patrons on a new Patron Hangout! Thanks to all our Patrons for helping us reach this goal. Cont...

#194 - The Angry Chicken: “Return to Rogue”

The Angry Chicken may be a little burnt out on Pirates but that's not stopping them from playing them in their Rogue decks! On this week's show the TAC crew talk about Ben Brode's recent Reddit post, how Hearthstone apparently made a ton of money last year, the Winter Veil card back returning, the latest version of Miracle Rogue (spoiler: there are Pirates), and round things out with emails from the inbox. Cont...

#193 - The Angry Chicken: “Arena Deep”

This week on The Angry Chicken Team 5 isn't getting any quieter, and we're loving it! Ben Brode, Iksar, and (newcomer to Team 5 knowledge-bomb-dropping) Max McCall have been busy all week addressing the many possible changes to Arena, the state of Shaman, and much more. Dills, Jocelyn, and Garrett also break down the latest version of Control Warrior and take emails from the TAC inbox. Cont...

#192 - The Angry Chicken: “State of the Tavern”

Team 5 has completed their first live Developer Insights Q&A and The Angry Chicken crew is here to peck it apart. Ben Brode and Dean "Iksar" Ayala revealed a lot about Team 5's inner workings, how ladder may improve, their hopes for a more popular Wild format, upcoming Arena tweaks, how close we are to a potential Pirate nerf, the current state of the game, and much more. Cont...

#191 - The Angry Chicken: “Bathtub Design”

It's time for another Angry Chicken! This week the TAC trio are looking forward to Friday's live edition of Developer Insights, unpacking Ben Brode's recent comments about the Basic/Classic cards and the new player experience, and ends with a long discussion about what Dills, Jocelyn, and Garrett would like to see improved upon in those areas. Cont...

#36 - The Angry Chicken Brawl: “The Dark Wanderer”

The Angry Chicken Brawl has gone to Hell! The 20th Anniversary of Diablo is invading all Blizzard games and Hearthstone's Tavern Brawl is no exception. Garrett, Jocelyn, and Dills take the fight to the Dark Wanderer and (after researching all the obscure Secrets) the COW KING! Cont...

#190 - The Angry Chicken: “Being Arthas Menethil”

The Angry Chicken crew has shaken off their Hearthstone New Year's hangover courtesy of the Innkeeper. This week the trio talk Team 5's comments on the future of the Dev Insights videos, Reno Mage, how Arthas could get into the game without adding a new class, enhancing the new players experience, and much more! Cont...

#189 - The Angry Chicken: “Hopes and Dreams for 2017”

The Angry Chicken is back and they've got a long wish list for the new year! Dills, Jocelyn, and Garrett talk about all of the things they and the community are hoping to see added to Hearthstone in 2017. They're also anxiously awaiting Diablo's 20th Anniversary as it means a devilish new Tavern Brawl. Cont...


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