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#26 - The Angry Chicken: "Blame Canada"

On this episode of TAC iPad is here! Well... sort of. Jocelyn is really happy about it anyway... and Dills "moved" to Canada to download it legally. There's also a big Hearthstone tournament on the horizon via DreamHack Bucharest, and we are very jealous of everyone able to attend. As always we read some crazy game stories and take your emails.

Also, Garrett and Dills are starting a new show. Into the Nexus starts this Thursday. It's a new show about Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm and will record every Thursday at 9pm Eastern, but this week's first episode will record at 8pm Eastern. Follow Twitch.tv/amovetv and go to Amove.tv/itn for everything Into the Nexus.

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The Angry Chicken #26 - Show Notes

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