My overwatch is ending

Overwatchers fans,

This is a decision I’ve been agonizing over for a little while now. You may have heard by now that I am stepping away from the podcast. Sadly, I have no juicy story to share. There’s no drama here. I still very much love working with Patrick and Chris. In short, I’m stepping away because I’m just more driven to learn about and cover other games. I love Overwatch, but not enough to fill my brain with a podcast-level of content.

For a little more meat on my decision: I’ve been on the edge of a change for a while now. It was either going to be finding a way to double-down on Overwatchers and do it every week, or step away entirely. The more I played out what a weekly Overwatchers would look like in my head, the more I realized that I am not in a place where I can give Overwatch my all.

Many of you probably found the cast through The Angry Chicken or Into the Nexus. Those shows are taking up a lot of my mental real-estate and I have a lot more drive to play the games covered in those shows (and start some new non-Blizzard projects). I feel I’d be doing the game, the listeners, and Patrick and Chris a disservice if I kept showing up without the passion. There is nothing wrong with Overwatch. It’s a phenomenal experience and the community around it is one of the most positive I’ve ever had the luck of stumbling into. I still love playing with friends. I just find my enjoyment from the art, cosplay, and comics surrounding the game more than playing the game itself.

If you’ve followed us from the beginning, subscribed to the show, sent us an email, told a friend to listen, dropped a 5-star review on iTunes, or supported us on Patreon, thank you. The podcast has been an amazing experience for me. Be ready for a ton of continuing badass Overwatch content because I know Patrick and Chris are going to kill it moving forward.

My Overwatch has ended (dramatic I know. I just couldn’t let this sign-off go to waste),