#162 - The Angry Chicken: "Blood of My Blood"

On The Angry Chicken #162 Garrett is out of town but Dills and Joce break down the rumors of a new adventure full of magic and majesty, the friendly feud week, and what Ben Brode's secret Priest deck really means! Cont...

#118 - Into the Nexus: "Class is in Session" w/ Dreadnaught

Heroes Caster and former pro-player Dreadnaught joins Kyle for Into the Nexus #118. Better prepare some pen and paper because we are diving deep here. 

#117 - Into the Nexus: "We're all Snowflakes Now"

On Into the Nexus #117 the new meta has arrived! Minions and catapults are running wild. Kyle is joined by Jeff Cannata to discuss the patch, Season 1, Gul'dan's release and share their Special Snowflake moments.

Solo Q&A #5: "Snowflakes"

Meta shifts and new heroes be damned! It's time for Solo Q&A hero league. I had my theories as to how things would shape up but how will things go down in the real world?