#265 - Into the Nexus: “More Mana, More Tension”

That Blizzard Classic of yesteryear gets a huge update! The meatiest patch ever? Certainly a huge one warranting a huge show. Enhancing Mana Tension is the first project on the developers minds causing a huge shifting in mana costs for most heroes in the game. Blizzard is also gunning for your top win-rate heroes and some of these nerf are less elegant than their classy buff counterparts. Naturally, Garrett and Kyle can’t leave without discussing that elephant in the room, party size restrictions removed from Storm League. All this and certainly more on this week’s monster Into the Nexus. Cont…

#310 - The Angry Chicken: “Welcome to the New Meta”

Garrett is out this week, so Dills and Joce are on their own to chat about the new Year of the Dragon meta! They tackle a little Hearthstone news, then look at the most popular decks for each class, take a crazy game story, and answer some of your questions from Discord. Cont…

Let's Talk About Star Wars #34: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker Reveal

Star Wars Episode IX has finally been revealed. The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters this Christmas and thanks to Star Wars Celebration 2019, we have our first teaser trailer. Join Garrett, Jennie, and Tom as they not only revive their Star Wars podcast in a new weekly format, but break down every moment of Episode IX’s first trailer.

#94 - R2-T2: Episode IX

Episode IX has had its first trailer and I could not help but go through shot by shot and put out some theories I already have based on this short look at the new Star Wars saga’s end.

#264 - Into the Nexus: “The Meta Rollercoaster”

The Preseason is thoroughly underway and Garrett returns to the cast with a full set of placements under the belt. Illidans running amok, Diablo’s still stealing those bans. What a world. An unofficial roadmap shows the way of the future, but hosts urge Blizzard to avoid the wait! Don’t box those products, get them in public hands now! Strategies, emails and more. Despite the meta and rank fluctuations, we hear from fans that are climbing in these crazy times. Enjoy this neighborhood special from Into the Nexus.