#239 - Into the Nexus: "Three Wishes w/ NotParadox"

Community coach NotParadox joins Kyle for this week’s news wrap-up as well as a hearty dive into the future of HotS. The duo immerse themselves in a deep, forward-focused conversation about the state of the game, power creep, community education, player retention, and ideas for the future including co-op mode, unlocks, and improved communication on talents. Naturally Mal’ganis is on the table, but he takes a backseat to our many wishes for this BlizzCon. Be sure to check out Paradox’s tri-weekly Heroes of the Storm videos over at youtube.com/notparadox

#238 - Into the Nexus: "Eternal Burger"

It’s Mal’ganis! A very stoked Kyle is joined by an equally stoked Jeff Cannata for a rundown of all the big news of the week, including, most importantly, the incoming dreadlord. What follows after can be best described as balance forensics as we analyze the most recent balance patch to better understand its impact on our home games. All roads lead to BlizzCon.

#284 - The Angry Chicken: “Meta Polarization”

The Angry Chicken returns to talk about HCT Fall, HGG disqualifications, Mike Morhaime stepping down, the BlizzCon schedule, an interesting article about polarization in the Hearthstone meta, and more stories and questions from the community. Cont…

#237 - Into the Nexus: “League of our own”

It’s early to say it, but Team League feels great. On this episode of Into the Nexus, Garrett and Kyle share their experience with the new solo capable ranked experience. Kerrigan has continued her reign of terror and will likely receive a nerf next week. The BlizzCon schedule has also been announced and with it comes speculation for the future of the game. Cont…

#73 - R2-T2: “Decoding BlizzCon”

BlizzCon is just around the corner and the schedule is up! Diablo is the first major panel following the opening ceremony. What do they have to show us? I break down all of the major panels and talk about what we’re likely to see, but also what I hope will be announced. Cont…