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A-move Radio is the audio-only podcast where the A-move crew talk video games, eSports, a lot of Blizzard news and generally just geek out. Garrett Weinzierl, Kyle Fergusson and Ben Zweifel host A-move Radio.

When: Monday at 8pm Eastern
Twitter: @Amovetv
iTunes: A-move Radio on iTunes
Stitcher Radio: A-move Radio on Stitcher

Thank You for 2014

Hi A-movers,

I've been thinking a lot about this year in review more than I think I have for any year past. I wanted to share my thoughts and thanks in what is turning out to be a little longer of a post than I expected. 2014 was a huge year for me and the people close to me. Cont...

Why do you WoW?

On this week's A-move Radio, BlizzCon 2014 came, went, and left Garrett with some delightful illness. The guys talk Overwatch, poorly written dialogue, and SC2 cloud dropping back into their hearts. Cont...

Tigers Don't Know How to Smile
Podcasting and You

On this week's A-move Radio, Ben is out so Kyle and Garrett decided to talk about podcasting. How to start one, the hiccups many casters encounter, the history of StarCast and everything that came after, and more! Cont...

Grand Prix Delirium

On this week's episode of A-move Radio, Garrett and Ben are having a Magic the Gathering hangover after Grand Prix Orlando. Cont...

Destiny Koolaid

On this week's episode of A-move Radio, Garrett's losing it, Ben's preparing for a trip to Switzerland, and Kyle's Dungeoning the HELL out of those Dragons. Cont...

Time Traveling Orcs
It's your wedding, BUT

On this week's episode of A-move Radio, Garrett's starting down the wedding planning road, Ben explains why making your own printing press isn't as easy as one would think, and Kyle's jazzed for Warlords of Draenor. Cont...

Consider the Galaxy Guarded

On this week's episode of A-move Radio, Tampa Bay Comic Con consumed Garrett for the weekend, Ben's in love with Divinity, and Kyle loves him some evil airbenders. We're also all pretty excited for Star Wars: Rebels and Guardians of the Galaxy may be the best movie of the year. Cont...


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