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Garrett Weinzierl is The Angry Nerd. This is the show where Garrett gets personal and talks about things other than Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Chances are that those will still come up from time to time, but the goal is to branch out a bit.

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#19 - The Angry Nerd: "No Man's Sky"

Greetings everyone and welcome to another Angry Nerd episode! This time I'm joined by a guest. Phil Kollar from Polygon accompanied me on mic this week to talk all about No Man's Sky. Cont...

#18 - The Angry Nerd: "What year is it?"

me. So I thought I'd take this window of being able to breath to talk about CreateCon coming up, Pokemon Go, pop-punk, and Key West. Enjoy! Cont...

#17 - The Angry Nerd: "We are Orlando"

Wasn't really sure how I was going to do one of these this week. This whole episode is about the Orlando attack. I don't think I'd be able to do another one of these podcasts without talking about it. Definitely more of a somber episode than usual, but I had to run through my thoughts. Thanks for the platform everyone. Cont...

A-movers Support Orlando

Hi A-movers,

As many of you are probably aware of by now, there was a horrible attack on the gay community in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. I am deeply horrified, saddened, and angrier than I've been in recent memory.

I was born and raised in the sunshine state. I love my home and my fellow friends and neighbors. It has been nothing short of moving seeing how the local Orlando community has immediately acted to help those caught in the wake of this attack.

I know the community is a diverse and compassionate group of gamers. Please consider donating to Equality Florida's GoFundMe. Because the good people of the world always outweigh the bad, reports are coming in that blood banks are at capacity, but banks are asking for donors to return in the following days.

For more information on how to help please see this piece by TIME. Thank you all for doing what you can to help my neighbors, friends, and family.


#16 - The Angry Nerd: "Initial Dork"

I'm back for another Angry Nerd! On this episode I'm getting a bit anxious before some travel and CreateCon just around the corner. But I'be also been relaxing in front of the TV as I have just taken the plunge into watching Initial D. Cont...

#15 - The Angry Nerd: "Pirates and Homes"

I'm back for another Angry Nerd! On this episode I talk about trying to find our first home, going the Scion Road Trip meet in Bradenton, my love of the Uncharted series, and talk a little about growing up on the Florida gulf coast. Cont...

DreamHack Austin Meetup
#14 - The Angry Nerd: "Fake Farms and Loving Cars"

I'm back for another Angry Nerd! On this episode I talk about how I don't know how to drive a 500 hp car, Stardew Valley is devouring my free time, max level in The Division has improved significantly, and talked a little more art and podcasting tips thanks to some listener emails. Cont...

#13 - The Angry Nerd: "Creating a Con and fighting in tights"

What an Angry Nerd I have for you today. I finally got to announce the convention I've been working on, CreatCon! So I talked about that, Batman punching Superman punching Batman, Daredevil, FLCL, and StarCraft. Check out for CreateCon tickets! Cont...

#12 - The Angry Nerd: "Illness, The Division, and Art"

The Angry Nerd is back and I have returned to the world of the living after a terrible bout with the flu and a throat infection. I'm also all in on The Division on Xbox One and taking questions about art and traveling. Cont...