#319 - The Angry Chicken: “It’s Vegas, Baby!”

The TAC crew powers through tech issues this week to bring you their take on the Hearthstone Master’s Tour in Las Vegas, the Battlefy leaks, Dog’s winning Freeze Mage deck, and more! Cont…

#97 - R2-T2: Fallen Expectations

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has had multiple showing now that E3 2019 has wrapped. The gameplay shown looked a little dated. But since E3 word has gotten out that there is a lot more to the game than was shown on the big stage.

#273 - Into the Nexus: “Draught in your Draft”

It’s here! Rejoice Chen players! The promised time is here and your rework awaits and it is fabulous. Now we wait to see how to lands. Build yourself a new house, because this guy needs a new floor and ceiling. Garrett and Kyle also run down the weeks news including the upcoming Mecha-Storm event and the announced Developer AMAs. The dudes enjoy your emails, waxing and more! Enjoy another hefty episode of Into the Nexus.

Weeksauce #44: E3 2019

Weeksauce returns to talk E3! Join Garrett and Kyle as they geek out about Nintendo, question Star Wars, and wait impatiently for Cyberpunk 2077.