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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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#148 - Into the Nexus: “In-A-Gadda-Va-Leera”

Into the Nexus returns and we're preparing our Flares as Valeera is on the horizon. Next week Warcraft's scantily-clad blood elf Rogue joins Heroes of the Storm. Garrett and Kyle give their first impressions on Valeera, deconstruct the novel that is Tassadar's rework, take emails and more! Cont...

#147 - Into the Nexus: “Heroic Balance”

This week on Into the Nexus Earthquake and Bloodlust are STILL really good. Garrett and Kyle dive into last week's last-minute balance update, the kickoff of HGC 2017, the strength of easy-to-use Heroics, what to ban after all the recent changes, and wrap things up with some emails from the ITN community. Cont...

#146 - Into the Nexus: “Too Soon Junior”

Happy Heroes New Year everyone! Into the Nexus has returned just in time to talk about the addition of Zul'jin. Also this week Garrett and Kyle break down the latest balance update, explain the changes to Armor, go over Battleground Hero picks, and talk Hero-specific MMR. Cont...

#145 - Into the Nexus: “Really Exciting Trees”

Into the Nexus is back for one last 2016 hurrah! Zul'jin's talents are out, Heroes' own Battleground Designer John Deshazer opened up about the changes to Haunted Mines, and Denial left Heroes esports. Garrett and Kyle also burned through some Battleground quick-tips, talked about how to fight tunnel vision, and much more! Cont...

#144 - Into the Nexus: “Zul’jin got an arm for Winter Veil”

It's the last Into the Nexus before Winter Veil weekend and Team 1 has come baring gifts! Well gifts to some heroes and nerfs to other. But the biggest gift of all was the announcement that the Amani warlord Zul'jin will be the next addition to Heroes of the Storm! Garrett and Kyle talk about all of the changes, the new hero, and take tons of emails before filling their cups with egg nog and stomping the ladder into the night! Cont...

#143 - Into the Nexus: “Stop, Drop, and Rag”

Blizzard has summoned forth the Firelord himself and Into the Nexus is ready to pilot him! Ragnaros is the latest hero to enter the fray and his kit does the infamous raid boss justice. On this week's episode Garrett and Kyle talk the latest hero, Haunted Mine's return, Winter Veil, balance changes, and getting ready for Season 3. Cont...

#142 - Into the Nexus: "Patron Hangout #12"

This episode of Into the Nexus is a Patron Hangout. Those supporting ITN on Patreon can call in and join the show! Huge thanks to all of the Patrons who made this episode possible. Cont...

#141 - Into the Nexus: "Damn it feels good to be a Master"

On this week's Into the Nexus there's one more Master Leaguer in town. Kyle has hit Master! So big congrats to him. Kyle and Garrett also have a ton to talk about. There a changes in the live game, on the PTR, and on the Heroes of the Storm development team. Cont...

#140 - Into the Nexus: "It Depends"

Into the Nexus is a day later but no shorter on Heroes of the Storm talk! Garrett and Kyle dive right into how they're approaching the game as of late, Srey's recent lengthy post, the Gold Club World Championship, and break open the mailbag for an extended segment of taking questions from the ITN community. Cont...

#139 - Into the Nexus: “The Mitigation Station”

Into the Nexus is back a little early this week to get some Heroes chat out before the holiday! Garrett and Kyle talk the recent change to damage mitigation and vulnerability, new tier lists, dive deep into what levels bring power spikes, and end things with an elven wish list. Cont..


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