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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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When: Every Thursday at 8pm Eastern
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#225 - Into the Nexus: “Release the Reworks!”

There's never been this much to say about Raynor! On Into the Nexus this week Kyle, Garrett, and Jeff Cannata talk the release of reworked Raynor and Azmodan. They also discuss kicking off placements, the patch that came with the reworks, how best to tank, and give a refresher on some commonly used hero terms. Cont…

#224 - Into the Nexus: “Give ‘Em Some Pepper"

On this week's Into the Nexus Garrett and Kyle talk two big reworks. Raynor and Azmodan are playable on the PTR and they are very different. Also coming to Heroes of the Storm is the third ban, matchmaking adjustments, more balance changes, and a big change to Braxis Holdout. Cont…

#223 - Into the Nexus: “Sin is in!”

Into the Nexus is fatter than Azmodan this week because not only has a new balance patch gone live, but Raynor and Azmo are getting reworks! Garrett and Kyle break down which heroes received buffs and nerfs, how Yrel is handling her new numbers, and preview what Raynor and Azmodan will play like in the near future. Cont…

#222 - Into the Nexus: “Sound the Horn!”

Garrett and Kyle are geared up and queuing for Alterac on this week's ITN. Heroes of the Storm's newest Battleground, Alterac Pass, has released and we're all getting stuck in the mud. The duo also talk Mid Season Brawl, loot for watching Heroes, Alterac strategy, and emails from the community. Cont…

#221 - Into the Nexus: “Charging Up”

Alterac is yet to come but Yrel is here and Kyle is digging her! The ITN duo also chat the June 12th patch, more abusive chat penalties, Mid Season Brawl, a new drafting tool, and more listener emails! Cont…

#220 - Into the Nexus: “Echoes of Alterac”`

Sound the horn! Alterac is coming to the Nexus! ITN dives deep into the newly announced in-game event. Garrett and Kyle talk Alterac Pass, Yrel, the recent armor changes, buffs, nerfs, reworks, and how to kill Sonya in Quick Match. Cont…

#218 - Into the Nexus: "Expect the Unexpected"

Garrett may be on vacation, but the Nexus never rests. The impact of the Diablo Rework can be felt far and wide. This week Kyle Fergusson hosts with monthly guest Jeff Cannata as we dive deep into Nexomania, esports money, Strategies, Emails and more!

#217 - Into the Nexus: “How Best to Test”

Lunara and Diablo are getting some big reworks and Into the Nexus is here to break it all down. Garrett and Kyle also talked upcoming Ranked Play enhancements, dev AMA highlights, and how best to test reworked heroes. Cont…

#216 - Into the Nexus: “Back in the Crosshairs”

May 9th brought a massive balance patch to Heroes of the Storm. Garrett and Kyle talk through supports being targeted for nerfs, buffs, reworks, and the upcoming Diablo rework. Cont…


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