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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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#113 - Into the Nexus: “eSports Defibrillation”

On Into the Nexus #113 another balance update has hit the Nexus! Kael'thas is getting reigned in again, Chromie's Time Trap was buffed, and Rehgar got a little brawling power back. The ITN duo also covered the amazing HGC finals at DreamHack, more on Health Sustain, rapid-fire mini-news, and many listener emails! Cont...

#112 - Into the Nexus: “The One with DunkTrain”

On Into the Nexus #112 DunkTrain join Garrett and Kyle to dive into the biggest update Heroes of the Storm has ever seen! The Ranked Play revamp and Medivh have hit the Nexus, Team 1 is looking at adjusting the different types of health sustain in the game, and there's a ton of new community outreach through the official Heroes site. The ITN duo also talk with Dunk about what the future holds for him after Cloud9. Cont...

A-movers Support Orlando

Hi A-movers,

As many of you are probably aware of by now, there was a horrible attack on the gay community in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. I am deeply horrified, saddened, and angrier than I've been in recent memory.

I was born and raised in the sunshine state. I love my home and my fellow friends and neighbors. It has been nothing short of moving seeing how the local Orlando community has immediately acted to help those caught in the wake of this attack.

I know the community is a diverse and compassionate group of gamers. Please consider donating to Equality Florida's GoFundMe. Because the good people of the world always outweigh the bad, reports are coming in that blood banks are at capacity, but banks are asking for donors to return in the following days.

For more information on how to help please see this piece by TIME. Thank you all for doing what you can to help my neighbors, friends, and family.


#111 - Into the Nexus: “eSports-pocalypse!”

On Into the Nexus #111 the Ranked Play Revamp is less than a week away and up on the PTR for testing! Kyle and Garrett dive into the PTR changes, Medivh, all of the shake ups in eSports, Cloud9 disbanding, leaked heroes and battlegrounds, more Dustin Browder tweets, plus strategy and emails! Cont...

#110 - Into the Nexus: “One Year of Heroes”

On Into the Nexus #110 Heroes of the Storm is turning one year old! To celebrate Blizz is giving us bonus XP and a new portrait. Also this week Kyle and Garrett dove into the details on Unranked Draft, Chromie's changes, MVP Black's recent statement threatening a disbanding of the team, blue posts, and listener emails! Cont...

#109 - Into the Nexus: "Patron Hangout #7"

This episode of Into the Nexus is a Patron Hangout. Those supporting ITN on Patreon can call in and join the show! Huge thanks to all of the Patrons who made this episode possible. Cont...

#108 - Into the Nexus: “XP and You”

It's time for Into the Nexus #108! This week Garrett and Kyle cover some of Medivh's more interesting talents, Garden of Terror's game length is being looked at, more Browder tweets, XP strategies, and emails. Cont...

#107 - Into the Nexus: "Tiny Time Lord"

It's time for Into the Nexus #107... or has that time already come? Please accept our apologies as Chromie has come to Heroes of the Storm and is playing with the time streams. Garrett and Kyle dove deep into this week's massive patch talking about the buffs, nerfs, reworks, and the second coming of Arthas and Anub'arak! #FrostBros Cont...

#106 - Into the Nexus: "Frost-Bros"

Into the Nexus #106 is here and Garrett is back from DreamHack Austin! Kyle gets Garrett's thoughts on last weeks news and dive straight into the massive PTR patch that went live this week. The pair cover new questing talents, talent reworks, Arthas and Anub'arak reworks, the crowd control update, and much more new content coming to Heroes of the Storm. Cont...

#105 - Into the Nexus: "The Summit Revealed"

The wait is over. Into the Nexus #105 is back after a purposeful delay to make sure we could capture all the goodies from this weeks super secret Heroes Summit Meeting. While we are missing Garrett this week, Jeff Cannata fills in and reveals all from the recent Blizzard shindig. 


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