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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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#235 - Into the Nexus: “Passing Wind”

Season 3 2018 is coming to a close! Season 4 begins next week, September 24th. To get you ready, Garrett and Kyle host a meaty episode full of Live Balance changes, a Developer AMA and a PTR changes with a Garden of Terror rework alongside a Kerrigan and Brightwing update. All of this punctuated by the discussion surrounding solo lane tanks and solo queue Team League. Cont…

#234 - Into the Nexus: “Ebb and Flow”

Kyle Fergusson, Garrett Weinzierl, and Jeff Cannata are all here for the latest episode of Into the Nexus. Garden of Terror is getting a rework, Mephisto has settled at a healthy winrate, BlizzCon speculation is in full swing, and the crew also tackle the latest matchmaking woes. Cont…

#233 - Into the Nexus: “Elune’s Boon”

Strategy, strategy, strategy! Mephisto is out as well and Tyrande gains solo support status. We have a heaping pile of strategies for the current Tank meta, solo lane meta and the developing Hanamura Temple meta. Garrett and Kyle also talk the other minor balance changes and take emails at the end. Join us, wont you. Cont…

#232 - Into the Nexus: “Quirky Clunky”

Do not adjust your dial. Are dials still a thing? Whatever the case, Into the Nexus is queuing up a little earlier than usual this week. But fear not, Garrett and Kyle have had plenty of time to test out Mephisto and the freshly re-worked Hanamura. Cont…

#231 - Into the Nexus: “Mefisto in your Mefacesto”

Love to hate Mephisto! The Lord of Hate is coming to Heroes of the Storm. This week Jeff Cannata joins Garrett Weinziel and Kyle Fergusson as they run down not only the GamesCom news (with Mephisto, reworked Hanamura and a Tyrande rework) but all the live changes happening to the game including Kel’Thuzad rework and many many balance changes. Wrapping up with some fabulous emails set to us from itncast@gmail. Cont…

#229 - Into the Nexus: “AMA my champion!”

On this week's Into the Nexus: Whitemane is out and a surprise matchmaking AMA hits the Reddit. Secrets revealed about Team League plans/ideas, MMR, Season Rewards and upcoming promo demotion games. If you're looking for BlizzCon tickets mark your calendars for August 18th. Finish out with an email. Cont…

Into the Nexus #227 : Meet the Team

Into the Nexus often focuses on the home Hero League and Quick Match experience. Every week we get emails and questions about Team League and team play. This episode is all about that and, in particular, my team's experience. This is almost a "find your role" conversation : What kind of player are you? What role would you fill on a team?

#226 - Into the Nexus: “The Rotation Dictation”

ITN returns a little early this week as Garrett is about to travel. The ITN duo talk their hopes for a new hero, how Raynor and Azmo are doing, the state of Supports, and rotation strategy. Cont…

#225 - Into the Nexus: “Release the Reworks!”

There's never been this much to say about Raynor! On Into the Nexus this week Kyle, Garrett, and Jeff Cannata talk the release of reworked Raynor and Azmodan. They also discuss kicking off placements, the patch that came with the reworks, how best to tank, and give a refresher on some commonly used hero terms. Cont…

#224 - Into the Nexus: “Give ‘Em Some Pepper"

On this week's Into the Nexus Garrett and Kyle talk two big reworks. Raynor and Azmodan are playable on the PTR and they are very different. Also coming to Heroes of the Storm is the third ban, matchmaking adjustments, more balance changes, and a big change to Braxis Holdout. Cont…


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