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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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#251 - Into the Nexus: “Kebab’s Burgers”

Jeff Cannata joins the show for the first time since the infamous Brack letter. Combined with all the scandalous happenings at Activision/Blizzard, prepare for a Six Flags roller coaster of industry talk and Heroes of the Storm emotion. Naturally Imperius is live, but his struggles are but a footnote of the greater esports conversation to come. Strap in and enjoy, we’ll be with you next week! Cont…

#250 - Into the Nexus: “It Came from the High Heavens!”

When life gives you lemons, assault from the high heavens: Imperius makes his dramatic entrance into the nexus on this weeks Into the Nexus. Available to play now on the PTR, Garrett and Kyle go diving deep on the Aspect of Valor’s abilities, heroics and unique trait. Followed by a hefty strategy section to start your New Year off right in Heroes of the Storm. Cont…

#249 - Into the Nexus: “Customer Service & Marriage Counseling”

Let the healing begin. On this final episode of 2018 we wrap up our discussion of the HGC cancelation scandal and prepare to move on to a brighter future in 2019 for the home game. Kaéo Milker and the Community management team let us know what to expect in the months to come. The Heroes team may be shrinking, but we are keeping many of our star members. Kyle and Garrett also attempt to peel back the Activision/Blizzard curtain to find our what is really going on with the company. Have a happy new year, we’ll see you next week! Cont…

#247 - Into the Nexus: “Experience the Experience”

It’s holiday patch time and this one packed a surprise. Garrett and Kyle grab you by the hand and take you through our newest active resource “Passive Experience”. Experience the experience while we dive deep on experience. Follow that up with a holiday helping of balance updates, HGC humors and emails from the community. Cont…

#246 - Into the Nexus: “Growing Pains”

Experience changes are incoming, but perhaps not the way you expected: This is a Into the Nexus investigative report! The community is in an uproar after pro players have expressed their dissenting opinions. Blizzard has addressed the issue, but something big is coming next week regardless! Stitches, Sylvanas and HGC news to follow all guided through by your fair and balanced reporters, Garrett and Kyle. Cont…

#245 - Into the Nexus: “The Power Pie”

Balance, Reworks, Drama; this episode has it all! The Call of the Nexus has landed and it brings with it a hearty update the games Quick Match compositions. A hearty sylvanas patch is followed by a preview of the upcoming Stitches and Sylvanas changes. Then join us for a tour the recent reddit happenings as Esports and MMR come under fire. That and more on this week’s Into the Nexus with Kyle and Garrett! Cont…

#244 - Into the Nexus: “Thanksgiving Mailbag”

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners! Into the Nexus is coming to you early this with a big old mailbag. This week, a massive strategy break down of Braxis Holdout and Towers of Doom followed by general emails from our Patrons and listeners. We’ll see you all next week at our regular time! Cont…

#243 - Into the Nexus: “Ting Ting Varian”

The gangs all here! Garrett, Kyle and Jeff break down the weeks news and the evolving post BlizzCon seen. Orphea is out, but with a nerf in tow she having a rough arrival. Heroes releases it’s new monetization options. The big talk of the day is surrounding Mopsio’s post about the upcoming experience changes and fears surrounding it. Cont…

#242 - Into the Nexus: “Past, Present, Future”

Past, Present and Future! This episode covers the October 31st balance patch, Current PTR to drop Monday and a glimpse at all the changes coming to Heroes over the next few months. Garrett and Kyle guide you through the wild world of Heroes fresh from their BlizzCon adventures. Cont…

#241 - Into the Nexus: “Live from BlizzCon 2018”

Garrett and Kyle are joined by Kristen and NotParadox for a very special Into the Nexus. Why is it special? Because they’re all in the same room! Coming to you live from BlizzCon 2018 the stacked episode covers Heroes’ first nexus-born hero Orphea, major changes to how experience works, and the future of Hero League and Team League. Cont…


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