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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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#193 - Into the Nexus: “They’re not called Happybats”

There is a huge Heroes of the Storm patch that just hit the PTR. Into the Nexus is also recording early this week to make way for turkey eating. That means an early and meaty ITN covering sweeping changes to things like the in-game camera, towers, orbs, stealth, mercenaries, objective timers, and much more. Join Garrett, Kyle, and Jeff Cannata before you enjoy some extra Heroes games over the long weekend. Cont...

#192 - Into the Nexus: “Bound by Life”

Alexstrasza the Life Binder has come to Heroes of the Storm! Garrett, Kyle, and DunkTrain are all here to talk about the surprising challenges they're facing with the new Dragon Aspect. They also talk about Li Li's rework, upcoming MMR changes, rosterpocalypse, Volskaya strategy, and emails from the ITN community. Cont...

#191 - Into the Nexus: "Live from BlizzCon 2017"

Garrett, Kyle, and DunkTrain all sat down in the same room and recorded a new episode of Into the Nexus while at BlizzCon! Alexstraza, Hanzo, new stealth mechanics, major changes to laning, personal MMR, the trio talk all of the Heroes of the Storm news spilling out of BlizzCon 2017. Cont...

#190 - Into the Nexus: “Pre-BlizzCon 2017”

This is it. The calm before the BlizzCon storm. Garrett and Kyle are about to jump on planes and head to Anaheim, so they're putting out an early edition of Into the Nexus. Many ITN listeners wrote in about their hopes for Heroes announcements and this show covered many of them! Cont...

#189 - Into the Nexus: “HGC Finals Begin!”

BlizzCon is one week away and the HGC finals have begun! Garrett and Kyle's normal recording time fell right on the final match of Group A and the two talk quite a bit about the first day of the finals. They also break down the changes to the 2018 season, what heroes they're surprised they're enjoying while grinding out loot chests, and of course some emails from the ITN inbox. Cont...

#188 - Into the Nexus: “Junkrath!”

Into the Nexus is back and it's Junkrat release week! Garrett and Kyle have also been playing the game quite differently so things get a little philosophical. But don't worry, they still break down Junkrat's launch nerf, how the Zul'jin and Muradin reworks landed, some Dragon Shire strategy, and more listener emails. Cont...

#187 - Into the Nexus: “I have a big but here”

There's a new hero about to head Into the Nexus so Garrett and Kyle are back. Overwatch's Junkrat will be going live next week and his kit is mighty impressive. The ITN duo try to predict the explosive jester's impact on the live game, recap the live and PTR patch notes, bust out their costumes for Hallow's End, hit the emails, and spend a good amount of time explaining their concerns over certain quest talents. Cont...

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#186 - Into the Nexus: “Group Up!”

Jeff Cannata returns for Into the Nexus this week! BlizzCon hype is officially in gear as the schedule of events has been announced. There's also new social features on a beta build of the client, many bugs from the Ana patch have been addressed, Disney XD is showing Heroes esports, and the crew take more emails from the community. Cont...

#185 - Into the Nexus: “Ana Analysis”

Ana is out of the PTR and Into the Nexus! Kyle and Garrett talk through the latest Overwatch hero's impact, early strats for Volskaya, more ladder therapy, and more emails from the ITN inbox.  Cont...


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