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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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#283 - Into the Nexus: “The Bronze Situation”

Garrett and Kyle are back to bring you the hot HOTS’ness from around the web. We got that Bronze Update and it's as complicated and mysterious as our initial predictions had suspected. We also get a preview at an incoming Nova updated. Next, we break down a recent Tower Priority post into an educational run down on why you should use you summons and perhaps try to sell you on playing Johanna. Finished off with your emails and more!

#282 - Into the Nexus: “Post-Qhira”

Hot show, hot fix! Garrett and Kyle bring you a fresh rundown of everything happening in the Nexus including the developing poke meta and a brand spanking new Li Ming build to enjoy. Garrett is all about that Malthael and Kyle has been playing tons of Stitches. Qhira bug fix means a nerf and we got a sneak peak at the upcoming Whitemane update. Your emails and more, makes this a complete Into the Nexus for your listening pleasure. 

#281 - Into the Nexus: “Bitin’ Butts & Winning Games”

A big week for Heroes and we’ve got you covered. Garrett and Kyle dissect all the big news including Qhira release, Storm League Season 1 launch and the Developer AMA on reddit. The ranked points are unknown, the system is new, we have at the options for the future and the guys break it down. We also know the new rank distribution. All factors considered, the cadence is great and makes us feel good about the future of Heroes of the Storm.

#280 - Into the Nexus: “Revolving Sweep the Leg”

The duo is back with the new hit on the block, Heroes of the Storm! Garrett and Kyle run down Qhira, the new Nexus hero and her rad kit. But that's not all! While it may not be news to the hardcore, the new rank system is making waves across the internet and causing quite the buzz. We also have a new map rotation, Braxis Update, your emails and more! 

#279 - Into the Nexus: "Rip it Good with Jhow"

Jhow joins the show to drop knowledge and teach you how to RIP IT with maximum efficiency. With Garrett on vacation, Kyle leads you through coverage of the Movement Speed statements from the AMA and into a hefty, crunchy strategy segment with our special guest. Tanks, soak, supports and hopes for the 2019 Christmas update, it’s all here in a very special episode.

#278 - Into the Nexus: “Movement Mayhem”

An early episode speeds its way to you reporting on all the positional mayhem. The winners the losers and those that need to change, heroes are in flux. We take on the comments from reddit and our own community. Kyle and Garrett also have some hidden tips for you Alexstrasza and Valla players. Finishing up with your emails and more! We’ll see you next week. 

#277 - Into the Nexus: “Ten Percent”

On today’s Into the Nexus, we motion for a movement! A migration is taking place. We accelerate into the future of unknowns. A flight of fancy or a journey towards disaster? Only time will tell. Garrett and Kyle take you on a journey through all the balance updates including the movement speed increase; hitting all the important stops along the way.

#276 - Into the Nexus: “Protect the Fountain”

Garrett and Kyle bring express their FREEDOM with a day early episode. Overwatch is hard countering it’s GOATS meta with a forced 2-2-2, will we see it in Heroes? We also drop a big not-sponsored rundown of why you should be using Daybringer also left us some delicious tidbits on the reddit this week. Finish it up with a coverage of how to play and fix Hanamura for both plays and devs.

#275 - Into the Nexus: “Tank & Rank”

A big heaping passionate episode of Into the Nexus fresh in your feed. Garrett and Kyle cover the full official post for Season 3, the solo queue question and Mike Morhaime’s comments on Heroes of the Storm. The guys also wax on the impact of Chen on the meta and how to play alongside him.

#273 - Into the Nexus: “Draught in your Draft”

It’s here! Rejoice Chen players! The promised time is here and your rework awaits and it is fabulous. Now we wait to see how to lands. Build yourself a new house, because this guy needs a new floor and ceiling. Garrett and Kyle also run down the weeks news including the upcoming Mecha-Storm event and the announced Developer AMAs. The dudes enjoy your emails, waxing and more! Enjoy another hefty episode of Into the Nexus.


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