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Be a part of the Amove community

Amove'rs are all around the various games covered on the network's podcasts. Below you can find instructions on how to join many of these groups. Client Social Group
This is the most over-arching place to find the Amove community. The group is called and you can join it by clicking this link, it should then ask you to open the client. Whether you're a fan of TAC, ITN, TGI, Heroes Forge, or any of the other podcasts on Amove come join us in the group!

Heroes of the Storm Chat Channel
In case you have never joined one, Heroes of the Storm allows players to join custom chat channels. Into the Nexus has one that you can join by typing /join amovetv

Patron-Only Discord
If you are a Patron of podcasts like The Angry Chicken and Into the Nexus you can access the Patreon Discord channel. We frequently post updated links to these on their respective Patreon pages.