We are the Overwatchers, a not so elite group of non-heroes with no mercenary experience other than gun-for-hire voice over work. Garrett Weinzierl, Patrick Beja, and Chris "ChanmanV" Chan are here to talk about all things Overwatch, Blizzard's team-based FPS.

Overwatchers will start as a short group of episodes breaking down the myriad of announcements from BlizzCon 2014. What does the future of the show look like? We're not sure! But we're excited to find out.

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#37 - Overwatchers: "The Dawn of Symmetra"

Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV are back for another Overwatchers and big things are on the horizon for Symmetra! The Overwatch PTR has had multiple updates since the last episode, the new map Oasis is up for testing, Patrick has a glimmer of hope for Mac users, eSports show no sign of slowing down, and the crew crack open the Overwatchers inbox. Cont...

#36 - Overwatchers: "Boop"

The Overwatchers are back just in time to talk about a massive patch bringing a whole lot of Boop to Overwatch! Sombra, the Arcrade, Antartica, and a massive balance update have all landed and our hype is a little off the charts. Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV also talk their hopes for the Overwatch League and take a look at even more awesomeness coming from the Overwatch community. Cont...

#35 - Overwatchers: "OverTalk - BlizzCon 2016"

The Overwatchers are back. This time Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV joined Scott Johnson and Overwatch developers Aaron Keller (Assistant Game Director), Jeremy Craig (Senior Game Designer), and Ryan Mourey (Senior Software Engineer) from the floor of BlizzCon 2016! The podcast crew joined the live crowd in asking the devs about Sombra, the Overwatch Arcade, new maps, and much more. Cont...

#34 - Overwatchers: "Before BlizzCon"

BlizzCon is just around the corner and the Overwatchers are back with their wishlists. Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV talk their hopes for BlizzCon, Sombra frustrations, PTR balance changes, community hilarity, and the future of Overwatch eSports! Cont...

Amove.tv BlizzCon Bowling 2016

It's that time of the year again! BlizzCon is barely a week away. For the past few years we've been getting together the night before BlizzCon for drinks and bowling. We will be doing it again this year.

We'll be meeting at the Bowlmor Lanes located inside the Anaheim Gardenwalk Mall Thursday, November 3rd at 9:00pm local time. Our meetup has always been very casual so feel free to show up, grab a drink, and bowl! Continue for details...

#33 - Overwatchers: "This is Halloween"

The Overwatchers have risen from the crypt a little early because Halloween Terror has come to Overwatch! Many sick new skins, spray, emotes, and the coolest Brawl to date are here for a limited time. Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV talk the new event, Overwatch reaching 20 million players, Reinhardt wishing well happy couples, eSports upsets, and much more! Cont...

#32 - Overwatchers: "Overwatching eSports"

It's a new episode of Overwatchers just in time to dive into the Overwatch Open Finals! Garrett, Patrick, and Chanman also talk their Season 2 experience so far, grinding in competitive, TwitchCon, and many events within the community. Cont...

#31 - Overwatchers: "Metzen's Legacy"

The Overwatchers have returned for a new podcast! Garrett and ChanmanV are duo-queuing the show this week while Patrick is out. They cover Chris Metzen's retirement, the latest patch, Jeff Kaplan's latest comments on the team size and replays, sick Mei plays on Hanamura, eSports, and many highlights from the community! Cont...

#30 - Overwatchers: "Pinhead"

The Overwatchers have returned for a new podcast! Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV talk Season 2, the new competitive rank system, community outreach flattery, tricky Pharahs over pits, breaking King's Row as Lucio, the Overwatch World Cup, and more! Cont...

#29 - Overwatchers: "Those Ganymede Feels"

A new episode of Overwatchers is here! Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV are joined by guest-host Muselk as they dive into the swath of changes coming to Competitive mode in Season 2, the new map Eichenwald, Bastion (and Ganymede's) fantastic new short, eSports, and much more. Cont...