We are the Overwatchers, a not so elite group of non-heroes with no mercenary experience other than gun-for-hire voice over work. Garrett Weinzierl, Patrick Beja, and Chris "ChanmanV" Chan are here to talk about all things Overwatch, Blizzard's team-based FPS.

Overwatchers will start as a short group of episodes breaking down the myriad of announcements from BlizzCon 2014. What does the future of the show look like? We're not sure! But we're excited to find out.

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#44 - Overwatchers: "Orisa Online"

The Overwatchers are back and a new hero is on the horizon. Patrick and ChanmanV two-man today's episode and talk the latest hero Orisa, Bastion's rework going live, PTR nerfs and buffs, Overwatch esports and much more! Cont...

#43 - Overwatchers: "That Dink" w/ Kephrii

Overwatchers is back with Kephrii guesting while Patrick is out. The altered trio covered the mysterious Efi, what they think a new tank hero might look like, lamenting missing out on Year of the Rooster skins they wanted, the state of Overwatch esports, and more! Cont...

#42 - Overwatchers: "PTR Overload"

The Overwatchers are back and the Overwatch PTR just exploded with a major update. Many heroes are getting changes, Bastion is getting a major rework, custom games just became far more customizable, and we'll be able to play these custom maps via a new server browser. The crew also talked about Lucio coming to Heroes, the lack of new animated shorts, Terry Crews' Doomfist pitch, Immortals' big win, and much more. Cont...

#41 - Overwatchers: "Year of the Cockadoodledoo!"

On this episode of Overwatchers the Year of the Rooster has begun! In celebration of the Lunar New Year, a new seasonal event has come to Overwatch. This week the Overwatchers trio talk about the shiny new skins, Capture-the-Flag Arcade mode, Blizzard's mass bans against Korean hackers, how to counter Pharah, esports, and much more! Cont...

#40 - Overwatchers: "Going for Gold"

Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV are back to form the Overwatchers for 2017! This week Oasis is live, a new balance update is on the PTR as well as more on their way, Patrick teaches us what he learned on his climb back to gold, Chanman's son is better than he is, and their are many shakeups in the esports world. Cont...

#39 - Overwatchers: "Regarding Reflections"

It's time to ring in the new year with the final Overwatchers of 2016! The crew give their reactions to the Overwatch Reflections comic, the speed at which the Overwatch community started celebrating Tracer's gay relationship, Kaplan's remarks on draw percentages, Doomfist speculation, more Comp-therapy with Patrick, and many goodies from the community. Cont...

#38 - Overwatchers: "Snowverwatch"

Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV have returned to take the form of Overwatchers again! Winter has come to the game and the Overwatch team has delivered a heap of gifts in the form of cosmetic items, winter-themed variants of our favorite maps, and a new Brawl for all to enjoy. The trio talk how they're liking the event, how Season 3 is going, enjoy some ladder therapy, and more! Cont...

#37 - Overwatchers: "The Dawn of Symmetra"

Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV are back for another Overwatchers and big things are on the horizon for Symmetra! The Overwatch PTR has had multiple updates since the last episode, the new map Oasis is up for testing, Patrick has a glimmer of hope for Mac users, eSports show no sign of slowing down, and the crew crack open the Overwatchers inbox. Cont...

#36 - Overwatchers: "Boop"

The Overwatchers are back just in time to talk about a massive patch bringing a whole lot of Boop to Overwatch! Sombra, the Arcrade, Antartica, and a massive balance update have all landed and our hype is a little off the charts. Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV also talk their hopes for the Overwatch League and take a look at even more awesomeness coming from the Overwatch community. Cont...