StarCast is a weekly netcast centered around the StarCraft 2 Universe. Each week the show covers hot topics in the community from recent eSports tournaments to StarCraft 2 News to the latest drama surrounding the community. Several times a month the show will have a guest host join in on the fun, for a formal interview and then get their opinion on recent events within the Starcraft 2 community. The hosts of StarCast are Garrett "Saint" Weinzierl and Kyle "Tarrasque" Fergusson.

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StarCast #188: Legacy of the Beta

Welcome back Terrans, Zergs, and Protoss! StarCast is back for another special episode covering the oncoming storm that is the Legacy of the Void Beta. All three races are getting new units, major changes to existing units, and a pretty large overhaul to how economy work for the entire game. We even had an email from Cont...

Thank You for 2014

Hi A-movers,

I've been thinking a lot about this year in review more than I think I have for any year past. I wanted to share my thoughts and thanks in what is turning out to be a little longer of a post than I expected. 2014 was a huge year for me and the people close to me. Cont...

The Void Approaches

On this episode of StarCast... where do we start? Well it has been seven months since episode 186 and the two of us have had a long and restful sleep in our cryo-pods. We awoke to the sound of StarCraft 2 busting open at the seems with so much awesome the only choice we had was to record a new episode. Cont...

StarCast Hiatus

Today we are announcing two things. First, StarCast is going is being put on hiatus. For the foreseeable future, StarCast will not be recorded weekly. Cont...

The Ghost of Ghost

On this episode of StarCast Ghost isn't completely buried, new ladder maps are on the horizon, IEM reports some impressive numbers, Alliance drops NaNiwa (and no one is surprised), we play the Heroes Alpha, talk WCS, and take emails. Cont...


On this episode of there are many "boos" going around concerning multiple aspects of IEM, David Kim did another Q&A, TotalBiscuit told us all to stop measuring certain appendages, Heroes of the Storm enters tech alpha, and we're waiting for WCS to start back up (except for GSL). Cont...

Lift to Gold!

On this episode of StarCast NaNiwa quits StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm's Tech Alpha gets a preview, WCS results, and we took your calls! Cont...

Rapid Fire Hydras

On this episode of StarCast Garrett and Kyle covered the incoming Balance Update, why the patch is being delayed in Europe, MLG Anaheim's international open bracket, the latest Heroes of the Storm news, WCS results, and took your emails!

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