#328 - The Angry Chicken: “Untapped Potential”

This week on The Angry Chicken Garrett and Joce tackle Tombs of Terror, nerf rumors, and Masters Tour results before diving into Quest Druid, and taking a Crazy Game Story and you emails. Cont…

#282 - Into the Nexus: “Post-Qhira”

Hot show, hot fix! Garrett and Kyle bring you a fresh rundown of everything happening in the Nexus including the developing poke meta and a brand spanking new Li Ming build to enjoy. Garrett is all about that Malthael and Kyle has been playing tons of Stitches. Qhira bug fix means a nerf and we got a sneak peak at the upcoming Whitemane update. Your emails and more, makes this a complete Into the Nexus for your listening pleasure. 

#327 - The Angry Chicken: “The ONLY One With Cora”

This week on The Angry Chicken Garrett and Joce are joined by Cora “Songbird” Georgiou to talk about her new job on the Final Design Team, the state of Hearthstone esports, the Saviors of Uldum meta, and take an email about what we’d like the next Hearthstone event to be! Cont…

#281 - Into the Nexus: “Bitin’ Butts & Winning Games”

A big week for Heroes and we’ve got you covered. Garrett and Kyle dissect all the big news including Qhira release, Storm League Season 1 launch and the Developer AMA on reddit. The ranked points are unknown, the system is new, we have at the options for the future and the guys break it down. We also know the new rank distribution. All factors considered, the cadence is great and makes us feel good about the future of Heroes of the Storm.

#326 - The Angry Chicken: “Raven About New Cards”

This week on The Angry Chicken Garrett and Joce are joined by Alex “Raven” Baguley to wrap up the final Saviors of Uldum card reviews! Join them for reviews and final expansion thoughts! Cont…