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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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#291 - Into the Nexus: “Team Drafting”

Garrett, Kyle, and NotParadox return to the topic of drafting but this time with a full team. Looking to start your first five stack? This is the episode of Into the Nexus for you.

#290 - Into the Nexus: “Laws of Hope”

Another tough week for Blizzard fans. Garrett and Kyle are here to walk you through all that has happened and been happening since the Blitzchung incident. While Heroes fans may already feel a little removed from Blizzard Entertainment after the years events, it’s important to talk about the event and what it means for all gamers. We will continue to report as the situation evolves. Beyond that, is happy healthy show of Into the Nexus featuring all your favorites: Developer Comments, a Strategy straight from the horse's mouth and your emails. Stay tuned and be good to each other as you adventure though the Nexus.

#289 - Into the Nexus: “Solo Drafting”

Garrett, Kyle, and NotParadox dive deep into drafting solo. Building your roster, must-have heroes, important traits to bring to the game, what to pick when, and much more in this strategy-heavy episode of Into the Nexus

#288 - Into the Nexus: “Whitem-AA-ne”

Kyle is back and ready to bring you the Heroes of the Storm news. Garrett, full of Halloween passion, is ready to bring on the festivities, but the Whitemane conversation is spoiling the atmosphere. The dudes extrapolate on possible causes: Auto attack homogenization? Support design woes? Who knows! What we do know is BlizzCon is around the corner and it’s time to start getting excited. The dudes also showcase a Mal’ganis tanking guide and some map objective particular strategies.

#287 - Into the Nexus: “Dos Reworks”

Kyle is out because his recent balance update patched in his first child, but NotParadox is here to break down some meaty reworks with Garrett. Whitemane and Junkrat are getting big reworks and a big Halloween event is coming to the Nexus starting next week!

#286 - Into the Nexus: “Ambassador Tyrael”

Your BlizzCon revealed, at least in art form. Mecha Tyrael is your Heroes of the Storm Ambassador, and Kyle and Garrett are here to cast their hopes and predictions into the internet aether. The dudes also give you the rundown of blue post and a big meta breakdown since the balance patch.

#285 - Into the Nexus: “Putting the HOT in HOTS”

Hotslogs is under new management, it's us! But Garrett and Kyle are here to also bring you all the Heroes of the Storm happenings, not just their newest project and acquisition. High MMR players are getting quick queues, but with mixed results and Blizzard has heard their cries of woe. We also heard from the blues about Kel’thuzad frustrations and the big upcoming D.Va rework. Finish it of with your emails and a special helping of thank yous to our patrons over at

#284 - Into the Nexus: “Just Pick Jaina”

Into the Nexus is back! Garrett and Kyle are joined by a fan favorite guest this week! Not_Paradox joins this week’s show to rock us through a massive balance patch including the Qhira update and some minor, but meaningful, changes to the main meta picks. Some very exciting things for Kel’thuzad but you should be looking at Imperius and Jaina, details inside this episode, don’t forget the show notes for builds. We wrap up the show with Patron emails for our special guest.

#283 - Into the Nexus: “The Bronze Situation”

Garrett and Kyle are back to bring you the hot HOTS’ness from around the web. We got that Bronze Update and it's as complicated and mysterious as our initial predictions had suspected. We also get a preview at an incoming Nova updated. Next, we break down a recent Tower Priority post into an educational run down on why you should use you summons and perhaps try to sell you on playing Johanna. Finished off with your emails and more!

#282 - Into the Nexus: “Post-Qhira”

Hot show, hot fix! Garrett and Kyle bring you a fresh rundown of everything happening in the Nexus including the developing poke meta and a brand spanking new Li Ming build to enjoy. Garrett is all about that Malthael and Kyle has been playing tons of Stitches. Qhira bug fix means a nerf and we got a sneak peak at the upcoming Whitemane update. Your emails and more, makes this a complete Into the Nexus for your listening pleasure. 


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