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Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction.

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#273 - Into the Nexus: “Draught in your Draft”

It’s here! Rejoice Chen players! The promised time is here and your rework awaits and it is fabulous. Now we wait to see how to lands. Build yourself a new house, because this guy needs a new floor and ceiling. Garrett and Kyle also run down the weeks news including the upcoming Mecha-Storm event and the announced Developer AMAs. The dudes enjoy your emails, waxing and more! Enjoy another hefty episode of Into the Nexus.

#272 - Into the Nexus: “Lower Floors & Higher Ceilings”

Not_Paradox joins the episode to get you wize for the upcoming season. The game is end-of-season wierd but Garrett and Kyle are here to walk you through the changing along with their fabulous guest. The gang also cover what’s going on in the competitive and how it translates to the home season; along with the hot heroes for next season. Of course we can’t get out of this episode without addressing the big drama of the week: Bronze to Grandmaster smurf challenges. Cont…

#271 - Into the Nexus: “Blaze Curious”

Brightwing? Kyle is playing Brightwing? Why yes. New metas require new solutions and Muradin is the new beast on the block and Into the Nexus is here to find out why. Garrett and Kyle address all the home meta shifts since last week’s balance patch, even a little tournament play action. The guys also check out the blue posts and your emails. Meat is on the menu. Enjoy.

#270 - Into the Nexus: “The Fast and the Righteous”

Big big BIG balance patch this week. Light be with you as Anduin gets his first buff since release. Top meta condenders are up for review and many are received controlled but meaningful nerfs. But it doesn’t end there, Garrett and Kyle walk you through the long promised Tank buffs. There are also a number of scandalous Heroic adjustments for lesser picked heroes. Even it all out with a side of buffs to under picked talents and you have yourself a hearty Into the Nexus.

#269 - Into the Nexus: “Dusting”

On this strategy’tastic show, Garrett and Kyle take a look at the updated unofficial road map and weigh in on the future promises from developers for Heroes of the Storm. With those truths under our belt, we head into a giant strategy about how to solve your ranked woes using hotslogs and data deducing. Emails, musings, singing and more! We’ll see you next week with Anduin balance patch.

#268 - Into the Nexus: “AMA-mazing”

It’s AMA day! All devs are on deck to answer questions from the community. The game is in a great spot, making there work easy. Garrett and Kyle are here to give you all the amazing tidbits. Both hosts have been on the climb and full of anecdotal experiences from Platinum and above. We also check in with Anduin and the map rotation change up. Enjoy this hearty helping of MOBA goodness.

#267 - Into the Nexus: “Priest Boy King Face”

Into the Nexus is back with a heaping pile of news! Anduin, meaningful map changes and a new ranked map rotation, Garrett and Kyle got you covered. BlizzCon 2019, strategies and more! If this is cadence then cadene is good. Cont…

#266 - Into the Nexus: “Lock or Flex?”

Anduin?! On my PTR? Not yet. Will Blizzard break tradition and release Anduin tomorrow? We sure hope not because on this early episode of Into the Nexus, Garrett and Kyle have at the massive, full and backed up ITN mailbag! But first, the promised Thrall strategy section with the full Ancestral Wrath focused learn-to-play build. Next, our mailbag topics include such things as stealth, gold, community voting, tanking, favorite updates and favorite combos. Enjoy this packed early episode and we’ll see you next week!

#265 - Into the Nexus: “More Mana, More Tension”

That Blizzard Classic of yesteryear gets a huge update! The meatiest patch ever? Certainly a huge one warranting a huge show. Enhancing Mana Tension is the first project on the developers minds causing a huge shifting in mana costs for most heroes in the game. Blizzard is also gunning for your top win-rate heroes and some of these nerf are less elegant than their classy buff counterparts. Naturally, Garrett and Kyle can’t leave without discussing that elephant in the room, party size restrictions removed from Storm League. All this and certainly more on this week’s monster Into the Nexus. Cont…

#264 - Into the Nexus: “The Meta Rollercoaster”

The Preseason is thoroughly underway and Garrett returns to the cast with a full set of placements under the belt. Illidans running amok, Diablo’s still stealing those bans. What a world. An unofficial roadmap shows the way of the future, but hosts urge Blizzard to avoid the wait! Don’t box those products, get them in public hands now! Strategies, emails and more. Despite the meta and rank fluctuations, we hear from fans that are climbing in these crazy times. Enjoy this neighborhood special from Into the Nexus.


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