The crew and friends are coming together for one big day of podcast action! Join Garrett Weinzierl, Kyle Fergusson, Jocelyn Moffett, Willie "Dills" Gregory, Justin Robert Young, Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt, Jennie Josephson, Freckleface, and Rewt for many different gaming, podcasting, and nerd-culture panels!

There will be live episodes of The Angry Chicken, Into the Nexus, The Gamers' Inn, Let's Talk About Star WarsHearthCast, and Night Attack plus panels discussing how to get started creating entertainment on the internet as well as the business aspect of podcasting.

The first ever CreateCon will take place at The Exchange in downtown Orlando, Florida on July 30th. The convention schedule and more information will be posted here as the date approaches. For sponsorship inquiries please send an email to

We can't wait to see you in July. Good luck and have fun!

CreateCon Schedule

9:00 am - CreateCon Greeting and Intro

9:30 am - The Gamers' Inn Morning Show
[Jocelyn Moffett, Kyle Fergusson, Willie Dills, & Garrett Weinzierl]

11:00 am - Into the Nexus: Heroes of the Storm Podcast
[Kyle, Garrett, & Dills]

12:15 pm - Lets' Talk About Star Wars
[Tom Merritt, Jennie Josephson, & Garrett]

1:15 pm - Lunch Break

3:00 pm - Collaborative Co-hosting
[Andy "Rewt" & Janna "Freckle Face"]

4:15 pm - The Business of Podcasting
[Garrett Weinzierl, Tom Merritt, & Brian Brushwood]

5:30 pm - The Angry Chicken: Hearthstone Podcast
[Garrett Weinzierl, Jocelyn Moffett, Willie Dills, & Justin R. Young]

6:45 pm  - Night Attack
[Brian Brushwood & Justin R. Young]