Ask DrmDestryr #29


So I’ve mastered the basics. What are some tips to make team play even better?




When you finally reach this level of expertise, it’s now not so much about big changes as it is about the minor tweaks. Beginning fixes are all grandiose ideas that only require simple “do” or “not do” answers to fix the problems. The more you play, though, the more you realize answers are never black and white, they are always gray—just like in life.


Merc Camps

One of the easiest habits to get into is not pairing up to grab mercs. So long as the enemy team is away, only one person should stay behind. This leaves the rest of the team free to pursue the next goal, speeding up how efficient and effective you are.

Likewise, not everyone needs to attack the target. Have one or two damage dealers stand guard at the choke points (this works in the haunted mines around the golem as well). This prevents your team from getting ganked while grabbing mercs in highly contested areas.



The art of retreat is just as important as the art of pushing. It takes a keen mind to know when the advantages of moving on far outweigh an extended push. Is everyone oom? Pull back. Is the enemy team up and full of health and mana? Pull back. The fact is, you are already at a disadvantage when you face down a full team in their territory, if only because they have the cover of tower fire to use to their advantage.

To build on this, go at each push with a single goal. It can be as simple as taking down that next line of defense. Once the goal is reached, reassess the situation and either stay or go. If one of you team members is pulling back, pull back as well.



As important as not dying is, sacrifice can be a powerful weapon. There are moments in a game when you will be targeted as the first that needs to be taken down. Use this to your advantage. Force the enemy to follow you, separating their ranks and giving your team the power to take down the two that decided to stay behind. This will quickly offset your one death. Just be sure to choose these moments with care.





What’s the best way to blame others for my mistakes?




The art of blaming others comes in many varieties. Some enjoy flat out harassment while a select few prefer the subtle, mental degradation that doesn’t seem like the mental abuse it truly is. Indeed, there are many scenarios in which to employ such a legitimate concern.


Caught Alone

Sometimes your team pulls back but you valiantly stay. Other times, you’re trying to push a lane by yourself. Either way, you are caught with your pants down and forced to eat a face full of pwn. While you can always take the simplistic route of screaming obscenities at your team, my favorite is to politely thank them all. By doing this, you exhibit an advanced and unique level of sarcasm.


Multiple Deaths

Heroes is a team game. If you die a lot, this means your team is letting you down. They are forcing you to fail. A good team will always stick together and follow your lead. Even if they are there but you keep getting pegged, they’re not protecting you. Don’t overgeneralize here. Show your expertise by calling out each individual hero and telling them what they are doing wrong. No one has played this game more than you, and they need to know it’s not cool to join a game without knowing how to play their heroes.


Losing the Games

Tensions are high. Everyone keeps dying. Your towers are falling like dominoes. On top of that, you have mercs pushing in every lane. This battle is lost. But not to you. You could win it if only your nub team could get their act together. It’s up to you to lead the charge. Ping everywhere. Tell them where you’re going and that they better follow. When you do get to where you want to go and are ganked, angrily berate the two on your team that decided fighting back mercs was more important than grabbing an objective.


Missing an Objective

For the love of God, ping. As soon as an objective goes live, ping and ping some more. The rest of the team has no idea what they are doing, and you need to make sure they have some direction. Even if it’s late game, and you’re stuck doing something else, ping the ever loving sh*t out of that tribute. Your team will thank you for such vigilance.




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