Ask DrmDestryr #18

Dear DrmDestryr,

Two words: Sgt. Hammer. Halp!!

--Sick of It


Dear Sick of It,

Yes, I know the recent rush of Sgt. Hammer heroes has made playing well-nigh ridiculous and makes team fights virtually impossible to win. So what to do?

The Strategy: For one, avoid team fights. Do this by acting like the Americans during the Revolution. Guerrilla warfare is what I mean. Coordinate tactical assaults as a team and then disappear as soon as the opposition arrives.

How this is effective: For one, Hammer won’t be there to stop you. Secondly, if you stay on the run, Hammer won’t have time to siege up. Thirdly, the other team very well may leave Hammer alone to stop your assault, meaning you can disappear and head straight to the unguarded tank and slaughter them without mercy.

Variations: This can also work with just four players. Have your fifth run around acting as a decoy by messing with the other team either grabbing mercs or smacking towers around. If the enemy makes a full frontal attack down a lane, maneuver the team back so it looks like you’re running away and then sweep around to their back where Hammer usually sits. Chances are they will be too stunned to stop you in time.

Aside from using Stitches’ hook ability, an ability your team will not always have, you’ll need to think outside of the box to land Sgt. Hammer in a body bag.





I saw Sylvanas on the website home page. What other characters are coming up?




Me too!!! I nearly crapped myself. As it is known by many, my main in WoW is/was an undead rogue, so I have very fond memories of my time underneath the ruins of Lordaeron messing around in Sylvanas’ chamber. But she is not the only one the data mines have shown to be a potential addition to the roster.

According to some very adventurous data diggers, there have been both hero abilities and voiceovers of characters hidden just off stage. These possibilities include Anub’arak, Azmodan, Blademaster, the Butcher, Chen, Cho’gall, Jaina, Kael’thas, Mekkatorque, Mengsk, Rexxar, the Skeleton King, Sylvanas, Thrall, and Zuljin.

As cool as it would be to see everyone come to life, I do have my doubts. For instance, the Butcher would win my heart over in no time, but I honestly doubt he would be brought in because of his similarity in attacks to Stitches. Sure, instead of poison it would be fire damage, but I don’t think players would take too kindly to two tanks with a hook attach and damage aura.

Whatever they decide to do, there are definitely an exciting amount of possibilities of more characters released before the game goes live. And so long as you’re over 18, you can place your bets.



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